MEGUMI 〜 Blessings in Spring

An informal, cross-cultural gathering celebrating creative inspiration in spring’s offerings and craftsmanship

The chill of winter is a necessary time for dormancy and turning inward, but the inevitable warmth of spring highlights the incredible blessings that nature bestows. The blooms, sunshine, and fresh vegetables all inspire our own creativity and sense of appreciation.

The Japanese relationship to food and eating extends beyond the contents of the plate. For many, meals include taking in the essence of the Spirits and the coming of spring brings new opportunities for connection.


  • Nature’s Creative Blessings
    • Fresh, local Kyoto bamboo shoots
    • Sansei–wild mountain vegetables–harvested by a self-sufficient family living in the mountains
    • Sake from a local producer
    • Spontaneous, ingredient-centered menu by a “blooming” chef
  • Blessings of Human Wisdom
    • Artisan talk on the blessings of craftsmanship history
    • Craft exhibit featuring natural materials like wood and bamboo
    • Conversation with like-minded guests and artisans about our natural and creative blessings

Talk Guest: Shuji Nakagawa, Master Wood Bucket Craftsman. Third-generation descendent of Nakagawa Mokkougei. Specializes in unique Japanese joinery techniques. Innovative artisan who integrates traditional craftsmanship techniques into modern lifestyle products. One select example is a novel water drop shaped champagne cooler. Recently collaborated with Hiroshi Sugimoto, a globally recognized modern artist. Currently has been actively extending into international markets.

We hope our cozy gathering will inspire us all to live with appreciation and admiration for the natural world.


[Date] 11AM to 2PM approx.. (registration starts at 10:45), Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[Location] Impact Hub Kyoto

3 minutes of walk to the south from Kuramaguchi Station on Karasuma subway line.


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[Inquiry] Feel free to call: 080-5059-2000 (Sachi)

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Wed Apr 29, 2015
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM JST
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Impact Hub Kyoto
Regular SOLD OUT ¥5,000
Tean (13 to 19) SOLD OUT ¥3,600
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Venue Address
Impact Hub Kyoto, 京都市上京区烏丸通上御霊前下ル Japan
3 minute walk to the South from Exit No.1, Kuramaguchi Station on Karasuma subway line, next to a tobacco store with a red façade.
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